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Does Wowza Streaming Cloud has [domain referer] feature?

I want to prevent user to copy hash m3u8 url and play via VLC.


That’s not an option at this time in Streaming Cloud. What you could do in addition to the security tokens is use IP blocking (ONLY approved IP addresses can play a stream) and DRM. We suggest using an IP approach in addition the secure token.

For example, you can expire the stream after a certain length of time in the token parameters or only allow whitelisted IP addresses to access it.

Unfortunately, there’s not a guaranteed way to ensure video delivery is protected given the current state of the internet delivery systems.

There are some additional measures that can be taken to prevent the streams while in transit using DRM as well.

Also know that the token system only works in a browser. VLC is a stand alone application. It would require advanced work to block that.

What you can try per the engineers is try the Access control property in WSC. -it forces the stream to only work from a defined domain.
So people would not be allowed to play it anywhere unless it’s on your approved list of domains.