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Does Wowza Streaming Cloud support hosting MPEG DASH VOD and LIVE contents?


We’re evaluating Wowza Streaming Cloud product as a streaming server option to test our HLS & DASH streaming solution. We support both VOD and LIVE profiles in both HLS and DASH.

Based on my quick reading I understand that the Wowza Streaming Cloud product supports hosting HLS VOD and LIVE contents, but I didn’t find any mention about MPEG DASH content hosting.

Does Wowza Streaming Cloud product support hosting of MPEG DASH VOD and LIVE contents?




Thank you for inquiring about he Wowza Cloud product. Since we are in our initial launch phase, not all the same features of our Wowza Streaming Engine are integrated in the Cloud product yet.

Video On Demand is not currently available, nor is MPEG-Dash playback.

For a current list of features, known issues, etc, please visit our Wowza Streaming Cloud release notes page.

We have many additional features coming to Wowza Cloud.

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Someting new about VOD ?

Not yet… but I know we are closer now than we were when this post was submitted. Keep an eye on the release notes and the “What’s New” area of the Wowza Cloud main dashboard.



New playback options available with update of Wowza Streaming Engine version 4.7.6

The Wowza nDVR feature enables you to record a live stream with Wowza Streaming Engine while simultaneously allowing users to play or pause the live stream, rewind it to a previously recorded point, or resume viewing at the current live point. Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.6 adds support to record MPEG-DASH live streams with the nDVR feature.

See our quick start guide here:


does the reqind option apply for your cloud service as well?


Wowza Streaming Cloud also now supports MPEG-DASH, the open standard for HTTP-based adaptive bitrate streaming. As the default protocol for YouTube and Netflix, DASH ensures high-quality streaming experiences across various devices. It’s also a great alternative to proprietary streaming technologies like Apple’s HLS.

Some of the benefits of DASH include:

  • High quality : Adaptive bitrate streaming ensures video is delivered at the highest quality possible based on each end-user’s connection, software, and device.
  • Multi-DRM support : MPEG-DASH underpins Wowza’s DRM technology to enable content protection across platforms like Microsoft PlayReady and Google Widevine.
  • Cost-effective: The HTTP-based format is affordable to deploy and easy to scale because it uses traditional network servers and technology.


It can be configured in the Cloud UI or in the API:

Cloud UI doc:

Cloud API doc: