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Does wowza support embedding custom metadata in MPEG-DASH live stream?

Like HLS and HDS supports injecting timed metadata within the live stream, can wowza do the same for live MEPG-DASH stream?

I want to inject slide information in the live stream to sync the slides with the live video. Is there a way to do it with wowza?

This is currently not supported.



This feature has been added to the backlog. As expressed in this post:

How to inject custom metadata into MPEG DASH live stream at a specific time ?

There is no time frame for its addition to the software.



Does Wowza plan to support it in future? Is there any timeline for the support?

Timed metadata for MPEG-DASH live streams

With Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.10, we’ve added support for converting AMF timed metadata to Event Message (emsg) timed metadata for MPEG-DASH live streams. The AMF timed metadata can either be ingested by Wowza Streaming Engine from an encoder or injected by Wowza Streaming Engine. Then, the AMF metadata can be converted to emsg metadata for interactive live streaming over MPEG-DASH using the Wowza Streaming Engine Java API. For more information about converting timed metadata for MPEG-DASH, see the following the articles: