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Does Wowza support Interacting and Manipulating AR Content using Wowza DASH or another wowza streaming Service?

Is it possible to transmit AR Video and change AR object at receiver’s end. e.g if I have a red box at transmitting end and user receives a custom AR object like yellow ball in place of red box in video at receiver end.

Dash players can be on mobile device, but you would need a player that would be able to send that metadata to the server, and then read the injected metadata.

Or in other words, the metadata is captured from a client side (since they need to add the object), sent back to the server, which then injects it into the stream, and propagates it back downstream to all connected clients.

The connected clients would then interpret that metadata (The change in ball color for example).

Your mobile app would need to be able to have bi-directional metadata capability. We do not have a way to support this at this time with AR/DASH or even in our SDK, since our mobile SDK only supports our proprietary WOWZ protocol and not DASH.


I have a fresh installed wowza 4.7.8 with java version 9.0.4 on a centos 7 linux system.
I’m trying to update to 4.8.0 but when I run sudo ./ it gives out that I have to install java 9 or higher version.what can I do?

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