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Dreambox ReStream - Watch live TV over the internet

I just want to show my personal software package that allows you to watch tv from your dreambox over the internet.

This is done with VLC and Wowza Media Server 2. It supports multi bitrate, RTSP, iPhone and Smooth streaming. Thanks for the 10 connections developer license so that you can use Wowza for free.

Just select your channel and start streaming. This is all done with an AJAX website. A demo can be found here: It can be down from time to time because of the power bill.

You can download the restream software from

Have fun.

Thank you very much … nice project I am watching your live channels now :wink:

I will get back to you when I start implement in real live.

Best Regards.


What is the id and password to view the demo

Many thanks


Hi Yosh,

are your sourcecode online? It look like it is down… I am very interested in your solution!

Best Regards