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DRM custom module in Wowza Streaming Engine

I started to write a custom DRM module and I can not understand the instructions where to enter properties to configure the service or maybe create a file and then in what place and in what format? and where to enter the methods used in Application.xml. This document is quite imprecise, so could someone write it in more detail?

Hi @Julia_Karwat, I agree it’s not a complete step-by step, but I won’t have one to share anytime soon since it’s not a high-demand request, to be honest. The docs team works on a request/priority timeline. I want to respectfully share what an engineer told me when I asked about it just now: “Most people that will be using it should have an in-depth knowledge of DRM before trying to write a module to work with it. It’s actually fairly straightforward once you know what you’re looking at.”

I realize that doesn’t solve your challenge however. :frowning:

If you’d like, the only help I can offer at this time is suggest a support ticket where an engineer could walk you through it and perhaps even do a zoom call and screen share with you depending on your support plan. That way, you can get the full explanation you need as far as where do the files go and methods in the xml. if you express that the doc could be clearer in your opinion, the engineer can officially review your concerns and submit a request to the docs team. I will mention it as well.

We also have a Hire A Consultant forum in here as well it that helps. Sorry, I do not have a tutorial to share with you on this since it is custom work.