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DRM for video on demand

We have written our own in-house DRM, it’s working for live channels but not on video on demand. Everyone has failed to make DRM work for video on demand.

The CTO asked me to lead R&D on this because it’s top priority and my colleagues have hit a roadblock. I have not worked on our DRM, so I don’t know how our DRM works and how to install it on Wowza, it was done before I joined the company. They’ll send me documentation but I doubt it would be that useful since if they know how to make it work for video on demand, they’d have done so, so I assume that the process is different.

We install our DRM in live channels and we embed a key either in hls.js video player or our android video player…

My questions:

1- Are there any specific video on demand DRM documentation I should read?

2- Is this possible? My colleague who worked on this before me, said it’s isn’t possible, he hit a roadblock so I’m taking his place

3- Why are live channels so easy and video on demand not?

We want to support offline download, like Netflix, this won’t be possible without DRM.

Sorry you are receiving such conflicting info on your end. Yes, Wowza supports DRM with VOD and we have several third party options for you to choose from. Not sure if you saw our section on DRM in our docs where it explains all the choices for VOD:

If you’d like to get true clarification on your workflow @Elie Obeid and have members of your team be a part of the discussion with our engineer, send us a support ticket and we can get your permission to add them to the ticket and chat.

Unless there is something in your workflow that would make VOD support exempt from DRM support, our engineers will look at your case and walk you through it.

Hope this helps get you going in the right direction for your needs.

Are you using Engine or Cloud? When you say the embed code, I’m assuming you mean for the Wowza Player? If you didn’t get your Engine or Cloud license before April 2, 2020, you won’t have the Player license. You can follow this to test your VOD in different players.

If this is an emergency, please submit a support ticket and tell them you have an event tonight, but typically tickets can be up to 48 hrs. Hope it works out

Hi @rose power

We are livestreaming a show tonight using wowza. To gate the experience, we need the embed code. We can get the embed code, but for the VOD, we are having a hard time finding it as we could only see the link. I hope you can help! :slight_smile:

Here is the directions to embed the player if you are using Wowza Player: (scroll down to step 8.)