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DRM management for event


I’m working for the fist time with Wooza Streaming Engine and I would like to know if there is a way to customize and manage the DRM.
In particular, I would like to activate the DRM (widevine) for only some specific events.
Is it something that it could be possible to manage with a plugin? do you have any advises to manage this case?


The easiest is probably to create 2 different Applications; one with, one without DRM enabled. If it’s possible for you to restart the Application between the events then you can also en-/disable DRM in a single Application if different application names is not an option.

Some DRM providers allow you to pre-register assets and stream names with their own console so that you can differentiate per stream name; consult with your DRM provider.

If you want ultimate control over the DRM then you must write your own plug-in that inherits from the DRM provider’s Wowza plug-in. Doable, but requires decent experience with Wowza Streaming Engine’s Java API.

Thanks for the answer.

May I ask you what you mean about pre-register asset an stream in the DRM provider? The problem is on a single event in the live stream which should not be encrypted.

In case, could you please provide the link for the documentation of . Wowza Streaming Engine’s Java API.


Have you yet chosen a DRM provider? If so, contact them and ask if the Live stream must be registered with them. The documentation for the Java API is on Wowza’s documentation pages, easy to find.