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DRM with WOWZA, no internet connection and web page video players

Hello and thank you in advance,

I am a web developer and I send this email on behalf of my company.

We are interesting in protecting are multimedia content from download, copy etc.

Our total system characteristics are:

A wowza media server for video on demand streaming.

Our customers visit our web page, they choose a video (or music), and they watch the movie through a video player hosted in our web page.

Our web video players are based on javascript.

Our web page hosts three kinds of javascript video players, according to the streaming protocol is used (flash RTMP, HLS, or MPEG-DASH).

Our customers visit our web page by their mobile devices, laptops or tablets.

Our system is totally isolated from INTERNET. We have a local network, WITHOUT INTERNET access.

We want to support the vast majority of devices, operating systems and browsers. For example, we want customers to be able to watch movies

through our web page’s video players, from their iphone, android and windows mobile devices or tablets, from their windows or mac laptops,

and from the famous browsers, like chrome, firefox, ie, safari, opera etc.

We want to avoid using silverlight because according to: silverlight: “Microsoft announced the end of life of Silverlight 5 in 2012. As of 2015, Chrome no longer supports Silverlight on OS X, and will completely remove support for the current version by April 2015 on all operating systems”

In addition, we want to avoid from forcing customers to download plugins or addons.

The major problem of our system is that we cannot prevent piracy, reproduction, alteration or theft of the contents.

We have bought a WOWZA DRM addon and we have heard that DRM is the best way to protect the multimedia contents.

Is there another way?

Could you suggest us a total solution to protect the content (with or without DRM), but without to undo the characteristics 1), 2), 4), 5), 6), 7), 8) ?

Please, we would like to make it clear that:

** the solution should not need internet connection

** the video players should be hosted in our web page. (Our customers should choose a movie or music through our web page)

** most of mobile devices or tablets(iphone, android, windows), most of laptops (windows or mac, and why not linux), from the most browsers (like chrome, firefox, ie, safari, opera etc.)

should be able to visit our web page, choose a movie, and watch the movie (or music) from a video player.

** the solution should be compatible with WOWZA media server DRM addon and streaming protocols (like flash RTMP, HLS, or MPEG-DASH)

** the solution should avoid forcing customers to download plugins or addons such as silverlight.

If you have a solution, please inform as if it is conformed to the above restrictions.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you


Hello there.

I think the best approach for a solution to this would be to contact and see what solution they might come up with for your requirements.