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Drop first few seconds of input streams before transcoding/packaging

Is it possible to ask Wowza to drop the incoming stream for a few seconds and only start transcoding/packaging from a key frame, e.g. start transcoding/packaging on the first Key Frame in input streams after x seconds?

Asking because sometimes, wowza receives a bit of garbage in the first few frames on the input stream (RTMp or MPEG-TS) which leads to negative segments being created or inaccurate timecode, timecode jumping from 0 to current date on next frame!

So would like to basically ignore the first few frames/seconds to be able to start on a clean input stream.

Happy to create a module for this if you have pointers to which class/methods to override.

Our engineers say the timecodes shouldn’t be jumping like that, so would you mind sending us a support ticket so we can take a closer look at this with you?

To answer the original question, it’s not possible with the original stream, You would need to duplicate it and drop the frames you don’t want. It would be much simpler to fix the underlying issue though so please send us a ticket so we may help. Thanks!