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Duplicate stream to another application


I`ve tried to use ModuleDuplicateStreams, and everythink is ok when I duplicate stream to different instance the same application (For example, from live/definst to live/newinst). But when I’ve tried to duplicate stream to another application (For example, from live/definst to tv/definst) a got a 404 error for dash and hls manifests.

Does this module allow to duplicate streams only to the same application?

Hello @mikhail Kartashov

If you are duplicating a stream to a different application, then you’ll need to set this Application level property as such in your [install-dir]/conf/live/Application.xml:
duplicateStreamsTargetAppName = [app-name]/definst

e.g. if your second application is named app2:

duplicateStreamsTargetAppName = app2/definst

Save and restart your application for changes to take effect.


Thank you. I had problems with second app config. After recreating with default settings everithink is ok!