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DVB-T stream / udp unicast


I’m current my working in a DVB-T over Ip project, I’m not really familiar with video stream, so I’d like to have some advices.

Basically this is what I want to do:

  • Capture DVB-t stream from PCI cards, to stream the DVB I’ll use mumudvb linux based software or Tvheadend (

  • Now to transmit the channels over internet I’ll need to transcode them, this is the output signal I want to have: H264 for video codec, AAC for audio format, stream format MPEG2-TS, video bit rate 400 Kbps

Can you let me know if I can use wowzamedia server to transmit all channels over 1 ipv4 IP address over udp unicast protocol?

Many thanks for your help.


Take a look at this VLC guide:

With this input from VLC, Wowza can stream to any supported client.


Yes. They can be individual applications, or multiple applications.


Thanks for this reply. Can you confirm this configuration:

I have multiple streams from VLC (example 10 channels)

wowza will be able to stream all those streams on 1 IP Unicast / UDP over Internet? (I need to send about 10 channels over Internet to 1 ip address in Udp)