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DVR and transcoder: recording only the original stream, not the transcoded one. ModuleDvrRecorderControl not working.

We want to record only the original stream and not the transcoded one. I tried to use

ModuleDvrRecorderControl, but it does not seem to work.

The transcoded stream has a “_trans” suffix, and the following is the configuration used for the module:


The module seems to actually run correctly, in fact, in the logs we read:

2019-02-25      18:08:09        CET     comment server  INFO    200     vdeo_22212.stream_trans DvrRecorderControl.shouldDvrRecord [dvrrecorder : vdeo_22212.stream_trans : match found : _trans : returning false]     _defaultVHost_  webrtctrans     _definst_       224.084 -       80      null       rtsp    -       known   1975076197      216     0       2       0       0       0       vdeo_22212.stream_trans -       -       -       -       -       /vdeo_22212.stream_trans        /vdeo_22212.stream_trans        -       null    -

However, when in the “incoming streams” page of the application, we see that

vdeo_22212.stream_trans is writing a file:

Recording in Progress
Segment Duration = 00:12:05.600 | Version existing file | Record Data | Start on KeyFrame

What can we do?

Thank you.

I think what you are seeing is the source stream being recorded. As you have default of true, and it does not match, it is being recorded.

As further up in the logs you can see

found : _trans : returning false

The filename for the recorded file does not seem to contain the suffix _trans ?

Nope, “recording in progress” is in the _trans stream too. See the picture below.