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DVR Integration for Look Back Archive

Good Morning,

We are interested in hiring a dev to help us with the Wowza DVR functionality. We are a streaming platform which streams the live linear feeds of TV channels that we have licensed.

We are looking to develop the DVR functionality of Wowza to archive each feed based on a channel provided schedule, so that our subscribers can “look back” and watch previously aired content.

We deliver through a separate CDN in HLS that has our Wowza servers as origin servers. It isn’t clear to us where we would archive the look back content (local storage on the wowza server or in our CDNs cloud?).

Look forward to hearing from you!


We are interested to discuss about this requirement and create the right module for this. Please contact me



skype: shijils

Hi, I worked on dvr , here is one of the example of dvr support with flash player.

If you are interest, please mail to me .

Emre Karataşoğlu

Feel free to contact me at

I have a solution for DVR content to be watch on demand by users. We have deployed it on some of our customers and it fully integrated with CDN (eliminating session ID infor so CDN can cache the content)