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Dyamically generate SMIL file for VOD videos.


I have setup a VOD app that is running absolutely fine with Flowplayer HLSjs player.

Now I want Adaptive Bitrate Stream feature for this HLS Stream. I can create videos of different dimensions via ffmpeg also I know I can generate a SMIL file for each file size and use this in the player. However the issue is there are hundreds of videos uploaded on daily basis and I cannot manually generate SMIL file for each of them.

Please advice how I can setup this scenario in Wowza and dynamically generate SMIL file for each video uploaded. There must be a template system or so to handle this situation so that I do not have to create smil file for each video separately and work it with HLSJS supported HTML5 player.

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You might want to look into using the HTTP Provider option of creating these SMIL files using the method in the following article:


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