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Dynamic dvr length for events

Is there any way to get DVR hls/dash manifest begins from a given position?

For example, I have broadcast for 24/7 live with 10 hour DVR.
I want to create a separate broadcast for an event (like a football match) that starts now and I want to use the same stream, but I don’t need the entire 10 hour DVR I have.

Is there some way to do this?

Thank you

Hey there @mikhail_Kartashov, haven’t heard from you in awhile, hope you’re doing well. I checked for you with our nDVR engineer and he said you would want to use playlist request delegate. to accomplish this.

Here is the doc for it: 

There are two default ones.

The standard one uses a 0 based offset from the start of the stream. The alternative one uses a UTC based time.

You basically use a start and duration as query params to define the playback window.

If you have any issues setting it up, feel free to submit a support ticket and an engineer will walk through it with you until it functions the way you’d like.