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Dynamic Load Balancer 4.0(HLS/ABR) with JW Player6

Dear all,

I am trying to do HLS load balancing using Load Balancer 4.0 and JW Player6.10 (Premium Edition).

However, although accessing



results in a successful 302 redirect to



in OS X Safari, etc., but I am unable to use the above URL for JW Player.

The PDF(WowzaDynamicLoadBalancingAddOn_UsersGuide.pdf) says:

•Support for specific server name/port, XML and RTMP redirect for live and VOD streams:

 • XML-based redirection for JW Player and Flowplayer

So, JW Player should be able to redirect as well, but how exactly do I need to set it up?

Also, is it possible to do HLS ABR in JW Player with the current Load Balancer 4.0?


I suspect that JW Player does not currently support HTTP redirection, so you can’t use the “scheme=m3u8” to playback redirected Apple HLS streams in JWPlayer.

For JW Player, you should use the RTMP XML redirection mechanism implemented by the Load Balancer. After your request hits the load balancer, it will produce a SMIL formatted response that can be used by JW Player.

Currently we are aware of an issue with the SMIL format returned by the load balancer which is causing the JW Player not to play back the redirected stream. A fix is being tested and as soon as it is validated it will be included in the Load Balancer package. There is no timeframe set on when this fix will be available, but we are actively working on it to have it out as soon as possible.



To update you on the RTMP XML redirect mechanism issue that can be used with JWPlayer, which I mentioned in my previous post. A fix for this problem was released in the latest Load Balancer 4 addon package. The instructions on how to correctly use it are also provided in the uers guide document delivered in the ZIP package.

You can find the download link for the latest Load Balancer 4 addon package in the Dynamic Load Balancing for Wowza Streaming Engine forum article.