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Dynamic SMIL File


I am using the java api to create smil files on the fly using the following tutorial:

I have successfully created a multistream show on flowplayer but using a static smil file in the content folder, in flowplayer I call this file via:

url: "http://server::1935/sd_incoming/smil:testing2-smil.smil/medialist.smil "

According to the tutorial above all I need to do is replace smil:testing2 to amlst:testing2 to get a smil file dynamically retrieved, however I do not get this. It successfully connects to the custom module as I get some output. Does anyone know how I can get this?


Assuming that you have created the custom module from the example you mentioned and you have two VOD files (testing2_400k.mp4 and testing2_800k.mp4), then you should request the media list with an URL similar to this:




Thanks for feedback.


thank works, many thanks!