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Dynamic Stream Class Stream Switching Module and Interface Method

Hi There -

I’m looking for a consultant / developer that can help me out with the following:

Detailed Description:

I have a network of 20 plus Wowza servers. Some are load balancers, some are just used for low latency camera control preview streams, some are just origin servers, many are origin / transcoding servers and many are edge servers.

My typical streaming involves pulling H.264 video from IP cams (Sony, UBNT, Axis, Panasonic…) via RTSP. Some, have audio enabled, some do not. My setup works great, however I need to add more features and functionality as described below.

I need to develop a solid stream switching module and interface (Interface Either HTTPProvider, Flash or both).

Why? In many locations that I have multiple IP PTZ HD / H.264 cams over looking animals or other subjects. However, not all of them have action on them…

For a customer, I want to be able to give them a SINGLE RTMP/HLS/RTSP or whatever stream delivery method called the output or Program Feed… which the would stream on their website or mobile device… Basically real estate on their site for a single stream. In the background, I want to be able to ingest multiple RTSP streams… Then, with an operator physically using a web interface - View/Monitor the ingest streams via preview windows and switch via a web (possibly Flash) interface between the ingest streams – selecting the Program Feed that is sent to the customer/website.

I’ve messed around with the stream class examples and I have them working fine. However, they are a little limited not providing feedback nor a nice HTTPProvider interface or fully developed flash interface to switch between the streams.

I imagine this project can be very easy using these examples below and modifying them… Or more elaborate. We can discuss this and what is involved for both as well as costs.

Operating System:

All of the servers have lots of horsepower and RAM and are setup with CentOS 6.4. Most of the network has been updated to the latest Wowza release 3.63.02.

Additional Software/Network/Integration requirements:

Possible web interface to preview and control or flash development to build a full flash interface. I’ve created mockups / sketches of what I am envisioning.

Timescales/Delivery Date:

I’d like to get a solution like this working within the next month if possible. Time is not too critical.


We are conscious about costs but not expecting a consultant to work below an acceptable rate. I imagine the cost / budget will be determined when we discuss the details and how elaborate the setup is. I have a few other projects I need assistance with as well.

Thank you!



We can try to look at this task and “mux/combine” task.

Of course, we had experience both with transcoding and stream class.

If you’re interested, write me: rshmelev {at} gmail [dot] com


I’ve already build a similar solution before and can likely help you with a satisfying solution. Don’t hesitate to contact me by email or on Skype (ID: karelboek)

Kind Regards

Karel Boek


We can definitely help you. We have developed some similar solutions in the past

Reach out to me at to discuss it furthers



We have experience in customizing Stream Class module of Wowza and enabling it to inject multiple video streams also add the feature to make the switching of videos available via a User friendly dashboard. Please get in touch with us to know more about this.



skype: shijils