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dynamically add schedules to livestream app


I have installed wowza engine successfully on my ubuntu server.

Suppose I have a livestream app and i want to play many videos on it using ServerListenerStreamPublisher module.

I have a web application and I want to dynamically add smill files to wowza engine because I want to stream 100s of videos and it’s very hard to type it by hand!

to be more technical, In my web app, I have a form which has start-field, filename, duration and some other things and after user submitted details, I make an smill file in server and use it.

P.S: I can not restart my server.

How should I do this?



You may want to reference schedule reload section of the ServerListenerStreamPublisher module article. This describes how to use the method to force Wowza Streaming Engine to reload schedules when needed.

You should be able to programmatically replace the SMIL file and use the method above to reload the SMIL.

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