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Dynamically adjust quality to suit bandwidth?

I know there are a few old threads like this but kinda need up to date info on this.

Basically we have x amount of bandwidth for all our servers. If we were to get a massive influx of users this could effect everyone.

What we currently do is transcode our streams from HD to HQ&LQ SD and mobile.

If we could drop some or all users to HQ SD or reduce the bitrate on HD automatically or by hand when we need to that would be awesome.

Is that a thing already that I have not found or we looking at a lot of code to be made?




Providing an Adaptive Bit Rate stream to the client should allow this to be done automatically. The player will decide on which of the renditions to be presented to the player based on available bandwidth. There are a number of players that can provide this functionality, for example JW Player will accept a Wowza smil playlist and change rendition depending on network conditions.