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Dynamically changing custom HTTP Headers values


We have a requirement to add custom HTTP headers to each http packet leaving our Wowza server. I know there’s a way of adding custom headers that contain static content but what we’d like to do is have our custom header value change depending on outside data (which will be served via web service).

We originally wanted to make use of metadata injection but our client will be making use of safari inside an iPad app which currently doesn’t support that.

If it helps, our stream is a HLS stream.

Is this possible? Could anyone provide some hints on where to get the information to do this?

Many thanks


I assume from your description, the static method you are describing is the userHTTPHeaders property that is added to the Application.xml. The API equivalent of this property is:

httpStreamerSession.setUserHTTPHeaders(key, value);

Also, iOS supports ID3 tags which might be an option for you.

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