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Dynamically create and start stream


I’m trying to dynamically create a stream from exists file.

It means, on my service I have two sides: teacher who streams a lesson and students who watch that lesson.

When stream starts I’m starting to record it. But in process the teacher can pause or continue that stream. If teacher did it, in file system I get new file with that new stream and old file gets new name with some index. For example, I have stream with name lesson_1 and in file system I have files with follow names:

lesson_1.mp4 - end of stream
lesson_1_0.mp4 - continue after pause
lesson_1_1.mp4 - start of stream

The main idea of our service to provide students with recorded lessons, but not like a playlist consisting of several parts. I want to create some link for DASH player (I have to use that player for cross platform) which looks like:


When a student runs that link, on the server side some listener gets a stream name (lesson_1) and dynamically create new stream with exists files.

Wowza’s support team gave me a link to article where described some solution how I can programmatically create new stream

But it doesn’t work for me, because that listeners run at the same time with WMS and after I can’t affect behavior of them in process.

Maybe somebody can provide me a link to article where I can find solution of my problem?

I have found solution of my problem here Addon streams in append mode