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Dynamically resolve edge server stream requests to origin servers

Hi there, I faced a big problem. I hope you have read and answered the whole thing.

I have successfully connected the repeater to the edge stream server.

The stream sent from the repeater was played on the edge server.

However, only one source stream source set at the edge can be registered in the primary origin URL in the setup tab.

I have multiple repeater servers, and I want to connect a single edge server to multiple repeater servers to receive streams.

i read already this,

However, I am not sure if I have the settings right. Lack of explanation

this is my edge server properties settings.

Is it right?

What is the role of origins.txt? What should I write inside?

for example,

repeater Server#1 is ,

repeater Server#2 is (port forwarding) .

edge Server is

repeater Server#1 have live, liveorigin application and,

repeater Server#2 have repeater, liveorigin application and,

In this situation,

How can an edge server receive all streams from two repeater servers?


Checking for you. I know of documentation for a single live stream to edge servers, but I am researching this for you with the team as far as multiple servers to one edge server.

Hello and thank you for sharing that information. Tech support would like you to submit a ticket so that we may have a complete view of your config and settings to determine why this is not working as it should. We do support your workflow need of several repeater servers to an edge server.

Please reference that you did follow that article in the ticket so we may have a full understanding of what steps you followed.

Thank you.