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Edge from a red5 server

Hi everyone

I am thinking in a way to republish from a red5 server, this is my escenario

A Bigbluebutton implementation , and try to access from diferents devices, (ipod, android, WP7 etc) my question is…

Exist a way to edge all my services (video, chat, whiteboard, shared desktop, audio) trougth WOWZA to obtain a exit in diferent protocols??

Thanks by advices and directions

grettings Bicho


This has not been possible with red5 for some unknown reason.


You can pull from a FMS with a Wowza edge:

Or you can push to FMS:


Update: I understand that the Red5 problem is fixed in Wowza 3.


I will have to check on this. I’m not sure what I was referring to above. There may have been a report from a customer that had got this to work at that time. However, generally this has not worked, and is not supported at present, in that we have not had success and therefore no guidance to document.



Thanks for the update, useful info.


Hi richard

my escenario is posible using FMS (flash media server)?

this behavior is only with red5?

if i change all my server code, change to WOWZA in place of red5 the exit in all protocols is transparent?

Exist other way to reach my objetive?

Grettings and thanks by your quickly answer

I been trying to re-stream from Red5 via Wowza and stream manager (works fine from FMS) but it does not work -I got it work when I pull from FMS 3.57 but if I change to pull from Red5 serveer (1.0) it fails and I see the follow error in console

INFO application app-start definst live/definst

INFO stream create - -

INFO server comment - LiveMediaStreamReceiver.connect: SSL:false url:rtmp://

INFO server comment - HTTPStreamManager.onHTTPRequest: Publish stream successfully started [live/definst]:

ERROR server comment - handleResult[147]: can’t find resultObj: 0 in

WARN server comment - LiveMediaStreamReceiver.doWatchdog: streamTimeout[live/definst/livestream][1391201118701:1391201106675:12000]: Resetting connection: rtmp://

Again the only thing I change is pulling from FMS (which works) to Red5 (which does not). Not sure what Red5 problem has been fixed in Wowza (I am thinking it is a Red5 issue).

I gotten some Red5 folks looking at this (reviewing logs) - Maybe some handshaking issues between Red5 and Wowza. If I find something I will report back - Thanks

The answer to this this issue is that Red5 Server does not use a default instance name unless you include it in the publishing url. So while FMS/AMS and Wowza will use definst Red5 will not and Wowza will not find the stream to pull in. Once I put in the definst in the stream being published to Red5, Wowza was able to pull streams from Red5 server. So I got this to work.