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email alert wowza down


I need someone who can write a custom module that emails an admin when wowza or streams are down. An email alert.

thank you.



Send an email when Wowza is down needs a separate program/process on your server that checks if Wowza’s still running. As such, it’s important to know whether you’re running Wowza on Windows or Linux. An email alert to be sent when any streams are down is ideally monitored by Wowza and likely needs a custom module.

Please contact me by email or Skype (ID: karelboek) to discuss this further.

Kind Regards

Karel Boek



It sounds like you are searching for a consultant to hire for this task.

You are welcome to post this in our Find a Consultant Forum or send an email to and request a copy of the approved list of consulatants.



Hi Jav,

contact me regarding this task: rshmelev {at} gmail [dot] com