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embed code not working with android

The embed code used to embed the player works fine on all platforms (IOS,Chrome,Firefox,etc) when I use it inside the body tag of an html page.

However on the android platform the code does not prompt for chrome and plays sporadically. If I navigate to the hosted page using android all works well. Looking at the code

for the hosted page I see a different set of javascript parameters and dependencies. What would I need to add to my page that contains the embed code to replicate the

action of the hosted page? Right now it only contains the player embed code copied from the playback tab of the wowza site.


To truly troubleshoot this issue, I would request that you submit a support request through the Wowza Account Portal. Please be sure to provide the url of the page you have embedded the player in for review as well as the make/model of your Android device and the os version.

Looking forward to helping solve this issue.




The embedded player is Flash based. I’d recommend just getting the HLS stream available in Wowza Streaming Cloud. This should play natively in browsers on Android and iOS.


Same problem here… Live stream problems on Android

This is not an isolated issue, as you can tell from other posts in this forum. I stream an annual conference and I ran into this problem last year and I’m seeing it again in my testing this year. I’ve tested on 3 different Android device. On two of them I was able to get it to work when I chose MX Player as a helper app when Chrome decided it couldn’t handle it. On the Kindle Fire, the Silk browser just wants to download the m3u8 file. A solution shared publicly would be very helpful.