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Embedded Captions with Cubes, Wowza, and JWPlayer

We’re finally moving over to embedded captions instead of burned in. VidMate

We have Teradek Cube encoders streaming to our Wowza servers, which plays back through JWPlayer.
It seems like embedded captions are impossible to do using what seems like a very simple and routine setup - can someone confirm if I’m being stupid or missing something? It’s probably obvious that I’m not experienced in captioning formats. word counter

Cubes say they’ll take 608 or 708 in, and spit it out as 708 and not 608.

MobdroCC type supported: EIA-608 and EIA-708

Insertion method: inserting into H.264 SEI, as per SCTE 128-1 EIA-608 Closed Captions are embedded as EIA-708 Closed Captions into the H.264 stream.

If captions are embedded in SEI (which is part of H264 video packets), Wowza Streaming Engine passes through captions unchanged. You’ll need to determine @MateoAnthony MateoAnthony what JW is expecting to receive as captions.

If it is something other than embedded 608/708, Wowza Streaming Engine has ability to convert to other captions formats. If it is embedded 608/708, nothing needs done on Streaming Engine side.

If you’re still having issues with the captions, our engineers are happy to take a look at it and just so you know it’s actually a bit of an advanced workflow with all the different format requirements for this or that and can get frustrating for a lot of users.

Send us a support ticket @MateoAnthony MateoAnthony if you’d like us to assist you in setting this up and testing it: