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Encrypted streaming between two wowza servers

Hello, I have two wowza servers and I want to live stream some encoded video between them and I want the stream to be encrypted.

I read about the stream lock option and rtmps but I’m not sure if Is it possible to live stream rtmps between the two wowza servers?

What should I configure in the first source server and the destination server?

Thanks in advance,


Hello @Idan Sh

You’ll need to setup a StreamLock certificate and then a Wowza Streaming Engine stream target as such:



Yes, as Jason Tuchler says, it is possible to do this @Idan Sh. You can set up Stream Targets in the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager or, if you prefer, you can manually edit and manage an XML map file to send live source streams to these destinations.

A. Send the stream from the Wowza to second Wowza server by using the Stream Targets feature in Manager:

Make sure you do this step for RTMPS once you have your SSL:

To enable the RTMP stream target to send RTMPS content to the destination. Open the [install-dir]/conf/[applicationName]/PushPublishMap.txt file in a text editor, find the entry for the RTMP stream target in the map file, and add “sendSSL”:“true”.

B. You can also do this through PushPublish map

Also, below you can find a link providing more information about the RTMP push publish map profile parameters you can set:

**same rule applies in this method for adding the "sendSSL:“true” to your map entry.

First of all, let me say thank you for your help!

I successfully managed to stream rtmps between the two wowza servers.

But I have some more questions…

  1. For the encrypted stream, did I just needed to activate the streamlock in the destination server or should I do it in both of them? (For my tests I activated it on both)

  2. I really don’t understand how the sending server know the secret key of the receiving server and decrypt the encryption? (The key I choose when I activated the streamlock option as shown in : how the streamlock working in the backstage?

  3. Is there a way to check for sure if the stream is encrypted? (Wireshark or something else)

Thank you again.


You’re very welcome @Idan Sh. To ensure this will be set up correctly for you, our engineers would like to work through this with you in a support ticket.You can support one here: