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Engine REST API Start Stream


We want to start a stream in an application using the engine REST API, but we haven’t found any method in the documentation to start o stop a stream.

Can you tell us if there is any way?



Hi there, can you explain your streaming workflow? I’m not sure how to answer your question without more information.

Hi Amara,

I have added a start up stream using the REST API and I want to start that stream without restarting the server.

I can manually do this with the streammanager:


Clicking in “start receiving stream”

but I want to start receiving the stream using the rest API.

I have seen a method using the REST API to start a streamfile, but we don’t use streamfiles (.stream) we use the Alias module, so we create the stream in the file, and after that, we can start the stream with the streammanager.

I have tried this:


But it fails, I guess because we don’t use stream files:

{“message”:“The server has not found anything matching the request URI”,“success”:false,“wowzaServer”:“4.7.7”,“code”:“404”}



Here is a post that discusses the solution:

If you type your question in the forums search bar, you can usually see several posts related to that question. Hope this helps @Manuel Sanchez Bartolome.