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Enginemanager ssl setup

I setuped trial licence on wowza media server and now want to access enginemanager via ssl.
Right now I’m accessing it via
I obtained both streamlock ssl cert and LE ssl certs(which I combined in jks) and tested them both with streaming - they both work.
Then I, as described in guide changed file:

root@wowza-engine-stg-1:/usr/local/WowzaStreamingEngine# cat manager/conf/

And then I restarted both WowzaStreamingEngine and WowzaStreamingEngineManager
But nothing started to listen on 8090.
I digged up a bit and created virtual host here:

After restart it started listening on 8090 port, but it returns 404:

root@home:~$ curl -I https:// 62ce7430912d1. streamlock. net :8090/enginemanager/
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

I tested with LE cert and got the same results. So, what am I doing wrong…
Thanks in advance!

Turned out that this line:

Should be commented/deleted, otherwise, you will get such error that I got.