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Ensuring live recording output completes when shutting down the server

Hi there,

I am currently writing a server side module to do live recording. When I shutdown the server in the middle of a live recording, the last “segment” of the live recording is incomplete (the .tmp file remains).

Is there a way to ensure that the last segment recorded can finish writing to file properly so that it is playable?

By shutdown of the server, I mean stopping the eclipse debugger, or closing the “console” window if I used the startup.bat in the [install-dir]/bin folder.

I was looking at calling vhost.getLiveStreamRecordManager().stopRecording(appInstance);

in the onServerShutdownStart(IServer) or onServerShutdownComplete(IServer) event listeners for IServerNotify3 to ensure the recording is stopped before shutdown. Would this work? If so, how could I get reference to the appInstance and vhost from the IServerNotify3 event listeners?

Thank you very much,


Hi Eric,

You can look into using the IMediaWriterActionNotify listener interface to be notified when the recording is completed. You can then call the method to shutdown the server.

I hope that helps!