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Error 2032

While playing a video through a web browser i.e.: Chrome or IE, using Adobe Flash plugin on the browser it gives error 2032, however, I’m able to play using VLC player through Network streaming: rtsp://x.x.x.x:1935/vod/definst/mp4:sample.mp4…

Thanks…however, I’m not sure about the player you are referring to… I’m just an amateur …I’ll be glad if you could elaborate …

That’s ok Manesh. How are you playing the video in the web browser? Wowza Player? JW Player? HTML5 video tag? TheoPlayer? Something else?

This is a somewhat generic Flash error, and may be caused by a networking issue with the player receiving the stream or your browser and/or plugin not being compatible with the stream you are trying to run.

What player are you trying to use to run this stream?

Hello @Manesh Kumar as Amara said that error is a result of the browser or player not accepting that protocol. Just to let you know, you cannot play RTSP in an Adobe Flash Player, they only accept RTMP. The reason that it is working in VLC player, is because they do play RTSP streams.

I would recommend re-streaming the RTSP in wowza which will convert it to protocols that almost all players and browsers will accept.

Here are the instructions and a video tutorial as well:

Moreover…just to add…we also use… Wowza player as well…

Ok I see @Manesh Kumar. So, you aware that support for Flash will no longer be available in 2020 for almost all browsers and you may run into a lot if issues with trying to deliver that video over Flash. If you are planning on using HTML5 as you said, you’ll be ok, but still know that for streaming from the browser, you have the option of using WebRTC to Wowza. WebRTC is the best replacement for Flash and browser streaming. We offer this WebRTC option in both Streaming Cloud and Streaming Engine. You can convert it to other protocols for playback that will suit your needs.

If you need help discovering other configuration options for your use case, submit a support ticket and our engineers will be happy to guide you. Best of luck with your project!

Thanks, Amara… we are using HTML5 video tag.

Thanks, Rose … we are not intended to play using VLC player…it just the check we did… to identify if its streaming or not …as the video content is placed… in our NAS drive… We would be streaming from the browser using Adobe plugin or Microsoft Silverlight … on the browser… using HTML5 tag…

Hey…Amara… sorry…my bad… I have been miss informed… its Video.js