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error: an enum switch case label must be the unqualified name of an enumeration constant case WOWZBroadcastStatus.BroadcastState.READY:

// // The callback invoked upon changes to the state of the broadcast //

@Override public void onWZStatus(final WOWZBroadcastStatus goCoderStatus) {

// A successful status transition has been reported by the GoCoder SDK

final StringBuffer statusMessage = new StringBuffer("Broadcast status: ");

switch (goCoderStatus.getState()) {

case WOWZBroadcastStatus.BroadcastState.READY:

statusMessage.append(“Ready to begin broadcasting”);


case WOWZBroadcastStatus.BroadcastState.BROADCASTING:

statusMessage.append(“Broadcast is active”);


case WOWZBroadcastStatus.BroadcastState.IDLE:

statusMessage.append(“The broadcast is stopped”);



return; }

I would submit a support ticket on this since we are sunsetting the GoCoder SDK and Wowza Player in Jan 2021. We will still support those that had the licenses for these products before April 4th, 2020, but support will be provided through a support ticket only.

Need help transitioning or want to know other options? Please email****.

Here is more info for you as well: