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Error at the Prepare Apple HLS stream for ad insertion Example

Hi, I’m trying to run the example publicated at

When I tried to play the new HLS is does not work because all the created TS have a 0 length.

After debugged the code I saw that when it tries to retrieve the fragment list of a MediaSegment is null.

Line 503: PacketFragmentList list = mediaSegmentHolder.mediaSegment.getFragmentList();

I checked that in the sendMediaSegment method (line 942) the ‘fresh’ MediaSegment that arrives as method’s parameter come with the fragment list ok. But, the pending does not have it, it’s null.

Line: 956 - MediaSegmentHolder sendMediaSegment = this.pendingMediaSegment;

Am I the only one with this problem?

Any clue will be welcomed, I’m very novice with Wowza. Best regards.

Best regards

@asdasdasd asdadfwefwf

have you already resolve this issue sir?


did you compile this java code on with the same project on eclipse IDE wowza project?

i’m actually only knows a little about code & we need to enable dynamic ads insertion in wowza which need to capture SCTE-35 markers on our live streaming.

can you give me some clue?