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Error auto record livestream

I want to auto-record all streams incoming. I use Module ModuleAutoRecord. It works ok but I can’t set extension for video files. It auto record with FLV file but I want to record with MP4 file. I set streamRecorderFileFormat property is MP4 but it doesn’t work.
I want to ask: Why and how to fix it. This is an urgent issue with me. Please answer soon.

Thank you very much!

What version of Wowza Streaming Engine are you running? There was a bug in that resolved this issue. Can you please update and let us know if that fixes your issue?

I’m Sorry! I comeback.
In the past, I upgraded our Wowza Streaming Engine to a 4.7.8 version. But recently, I have some problems with 4.7.8 version then we downgrade Wowza Streaming Engine to 4.7.7 version. And that issue occurs. Could you help me resolve that issue?