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Error Code 15

Using the iOS goCoder, I am getting ‘An error occurred while trying to connect to host (code=15)’. I believe this is a STREAMING_AUDIO_FRAME_FAILURE: An error occurred streaming an audio frame (value: 15). Any suggestions on how to fix this?

I also was curious if this error documentation is the same for iOS: I couldn’t find the equivalent WZStreamingError class for iOS.

Hi Shannon,

I will try to find some potential solutions for you. Let me check with my team. We do not currently have documentation for iOS error codes, but we will work on getting that for the community soon.

Shannon, is this for the GoCoder you’re using to stream on your iOS phone or did you build an app with the GoCoder SDK for an iOS platform? Personal use or in an app you built? Thanks.

Figured it out, the server had shut off. Still curious about error codes for iOS.

We are going to work on putting a doc together soon. I’ll be sure to let you know when we have it available!

Kindly send solution i am trying and getting same error

Error code 15 in iOS usually refers to a frame rate issue @ali aqdas. But, it can be a bit a bit of a general error code it in that area. So, it’s best to submit a support ticket to us. We can run some tests to identify what the true cause is and what need to be corrected.

Hi there,

Kindly find here the error reference for iOS:

where first one is error 0: WOWZErrorNoError and last one is error 15: WOWZErrorUnknownError

Best regards,

Alberto Cabaleiro

Wowza Support Engineer