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Error loading player: no playable sources found

We use Wowza Streaming engine on an AWS instance with JWPlayer embedded on our web site.

We stream live from different locations using Wirecast. Our website allows viewers to view the live stream when available and video on demand from recordings we place in s3 buckets on AWS.

This has all be running perfectly for over a year for viewers on all platforms: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari, Android and iOS.

Suddenly 3 days ago we are receiving reports from viewers using Chrome, Firefox, or IE they are receiving the error message, “Error loading player: no playable sources found” when trying to view the live stream. They are able to view recorded files.

There is no issue for viewers using Edge or Safari or on Android or iOS.

So last evening I launched a new instance in EC2 on AWS. The previous instance was using Wowza streaming engine 4.7.5. The new instance is using streaming engine 4.7.6 but the viewer problems continue only with those three browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE.

It doesn’t make sense. We did not make any changes. Everything was working as we expect until Wednesday, Nov. 21.

Is anyone else suddenly experiencing the same issue?

Can anyone offer any hope?

Thanks for reaching out @Fr Fryar. I don’t see a support ticket for this from you, but I’m sorry you are experiencing this frustration and it is very odd. Would you kindly submit a ticket and we will run some tests to see where this problem is originating? That way we can point you in the right direction for a solution.

Thank you so much for sharing URL. IT helpful.