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Error occurred writing to the open broadcast connection

Running six android (S8) devices with Wowza GoCoder (official app) to six transcoders running on Wowza Cloud over 4G. Connections all appear to be solid, but when we have all six running at once we are seeing the error “Error occurred writing to the open broadcast connection” regularly on several of the devices.

The initial connection/streaming is fine, and there is no discernible pattern to which phone receives the error. Anecdotally we have noticed if we let one device error out and leave it alone the other streams seem to stabilize.

I can not find much info about this error other than one instance of someone having a similar issue over 4G. Can more information be provided? Event is, of course, today.

Hello @Francis George, I apologize for you not receiving an answer while I was out on vacation. Were you able to submit a support ticket and receive assistance for this? I don’t see one and am curious how this turned out for you.