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Error on the outgoing MPEG-TS stream to multicast: PAT/PMT section loss

Created a stream MPEG-TS in multicast via “stream targets”. But on the received multicast, my monitoring system registers many errors: PAT / PMT section loss (TR-290) and when playing this stream on another device I see video frame artifacts (they often appear). I made all the recommended settings in: "Server - Virtual Host setup - Properties - Incoming RTP Datagram and Outgoing RTP Datagram. This did not solve my problem. And all possible tunings of the operating system (debian 10) and the network stack were also done and this did not solve problem. Changing the server or network card did not solve the problem There are no problems with the network equipment either.
I tried to stream the multicast stream through other software - there are no such problems. Because of which, I assume that there are some problems in Wowza. But I cannot find where these problems might be…
We plan and really want to introduce Wowza in our company. :-/