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Error starting stream in sandbox

Hi everyone, I am new to Wowza. So I have created a stream using wowza sandbox in trial mode, but when I attempt to start stream an error occurs ‘We encountered a problem while starting test123.’, with such system message:

Transcoder Starting FAILED: Instance id: 9608/i_da2f24f3_mock Transcoder id: 21127 WSC Override NameError:+ stacktrace:file:/apps/artifacts/cmgr2/cmgr2_2019-07-15.560.jar!/lib/external/wse_rest.rb:491:in create_application';file:/apps/artifacts/cmgr2/cmgr2_2019-07-15.560.jar!/lib/external/wse_rest.rb:141:in start_transcoding!’;file:/apps/artifacts/cmgr2/cmgr2_2019-07-15.560.jar!/lib/external/wse.rb:166:in `start_transcoder’;/apps/artifacts/cmgr2/cmgr2_2019-07-15.560.jar!/lib/model/instance.rb:1

Hello and welcome to Wowza. Your question seems to be about Wowza Streaming Cloud, yet you have tagged Streaming Engine and ClearCaster Pro which are all different products and 3 separate forums.

Kindly repost this question in the correct forum which is Wowza Streaming Cloud to receive assistance from the community- thanks.


Wowza Cloud Sandbox is a virtual environment designed only for testing REST API calls. If you attempt to start the “fake” instance, it will fail. Likewise, you cannot actually connect a source to the sandbox environment.

I hope this clarifies.