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error while loading broadcast controller

Has anybody been through this while setting camera view for gocoder object, it happens sometimes:

2016-08-30 18:34:06.685 SpeakersWire[1109:321356] WowzaGoCoderSDK version =





short string: 1.0.2

verbose string:

2016-08-30 18:34:06.686 SpeakersWire[1109:321356] Device Model = iPhone6,2 [iPhone 5s (China/Global)], OS Version = Version 9.3.5 (Build 13G36)

2016-08-30 18:34:06.686 SpeakersWire[1109:321356] WowzaGoCoderSDK: Registering application with license key GOSK-AB42-0103-8D49-17A6-AE9D, SDK version:

2016-08-30 18:34:06.687 SpeakersWire[1109:321356] Camera permission is: authorized

2016-08-30 18:34:06.688 SpeakersWire[1109:321356] Microphone permission is: authorized

2016-08-30 18:34:06.688 SpeakersWire[1109:321356] WowzaGoCoderSDK: Updating capture with frame rotation angle = 0

2016-08-30 18:34:06.708 SpeakersWire[1109:321415] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSGenericException’, reason: ‘*** Collection <__NSArrayM: 0x157651a20> was mutated while being enumerated.’

*** First throw call stack:

(0x181b2edb0 0x181193f80 0x181b2e7e4 0x101af6ca0 0x101af8b74 0x101b06bb4 0x18828ee7c 0x18828ed14 0x183eec3d0 0x183f0826c 0x101bbda3c 0x101bd5de0 0x101bbffe0 0x101bca770 0x101bc172c 0x101bca770 0x101bc172c 0x101bcc66c 0x101bcc364 0x181791470 0x181791020)

libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException


This will best be handled by creating a support ticket.

open a ticket with our support team