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Errors in 4.0 error log file

Getting piles of these right after install and running and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop. How can I fix this/make this stop:

WARN server comment 2014-02-11 10:08:49 - - - - - 29.937 - - - - - - - - RESTServer: Bind failed, try again ([any]:8087): Address already in use|at Method)|at|at|at org.simpleframework.transport.connect.Acceptor.bind(|at org.simpleframework.transport.connect.Acceptor.(|

Running in Windows or Linux?

Sounds like you already have another application running on 8087.

Windows - Check your Task Manager and turn on PID, then use a command prompt to check netstat to find out which process is bound to 8087.

Linux - same story :slight_smile:

Graeme, I’d guess you managed to start Wowza already, and are trying to start it via some other method?

i.e. I’m using linux, but I see the kind of errors when I do things like so:

sudo service WowzaStreamingEngine start; and then also try to start it up in my IDE -> 8087 is already bound.

I’m wondering if you’re trying to start this manually, with Wowza already running?

Mac. I don’t know of anything that is running on 8087. I guess I’ll look into it.

Either way, what is this affecting. A REST server? What is that for? The only thing I found on the internet about 8087 for mac that seems plausible is a printer service.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for that, but I’ve only installed on my local machine. I can’t imagine 8087 is closed by default and I don’t know what is using it. I had trouble running xcode to my tablet, so maybe it was that as I shut down wowza and was able to use it again. I may try to confirm that later.

I only started wowza through terminal and then went to the GUI address in Safari. Nothing special I think.

Thanks Roger. I specifically unchecked that box and when it pulled up the manager (as I hadn’t unchecked that box), it “couldn’t find the page”. Running that finally got rid of a java process that was confusing me though as I couldn’t force quit it. Thanks!


Wowza now requires ports 8086-8088 for administration and to support the REST API, which is the link between Wowza Streaming Engine and the GUI. Make sure you have these ports available on the host. As a reference:

Quick Start Guide/Configuring streaming ports


Hi Graeme,

The new defaults for wowza Streaming Engine is for it to start automatically as a service after the installer runs.

It’s most likely that is what has happened and then you are getting a port conflict when you try to start it through the terminal.

Run the following commands to shut down the service on the mac.

sudo launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.wowza.WowzaStreamingEngine.plist
sudo launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.wowza.WowzaStreamingEngineManager.plist

If you don’t want it to start automatically then you will also have to edit the plist files and set each to disabled and not start on boot.


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