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Errors wowza player not play when live streaming

Hello i am using wowza and wowza player to play live on my website. However, when using the wowza player I have a problem that I can not play live video and error as shown in the picture.


That error can be due to several causes, such as the stream not being active on your server. To troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Test your HLS playback using a different player (you can test with VLC or JWPlayer, for example). This verifies if the stream is playable and takes out the Wowza Player from the equation.

  2. Test a different protocol using the Wowza Manager’s Test Player (such as RTMP). This verifies whether the stream is being received on your Wowza server, but possibly has issues on the packetized HLS stream.

  3. Test the sample.mp4 stream on your Wowza Player using the default vod application. This verifies if your Wowza Player is able to stream from your Wowza server.

If the above is successful for you, but you continue to have issues with HLS+Wowza Player, then we would need to review your embed code and other relevant log data. Please open a support ticket and forward this information to us.