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Europe based non profit organisation looking to set up Wowza for Android, iOS and web

We are a satellite broadcasting company airing 4 channels and need advise and assistance to modify our streaming direct from the broadcasting centre. We have 1 audio only stream and 4 video streams for each of our 4 channels. These are being received by our iOS and Android Apps as well our channel web pages (e.g.

We require adaptive streaming for all our streams.

Please contact me if you are able to assist. Due to time differences, Europe based consultants are preferred.


Hello John,

We got experience with satellite to streaming solutions, and we can also offer some turnkey services, if interested. I’m in our Norway offices, so in the right timezone. You may contact me at your earliest convenience.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek


I’m in the right timezone and can offer discounts to non-profits.

Feel free to contact me in skype (rshmelev) or email me to

Hi John,

based on your description, this sounds like a perfect job for Wowza Streaming Engine. We have done setups like this before and would be happy to help you setup Wowza, as well as integrate it with media players and encoders.

Feel free to contact us at

Kind regards,