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Examine EC2-Wowza configuration

We are looking for a consultant to help us optimize the configuration of our EC2-wowza instance for http streaming and to troubleshoot an occasional HDS error.

We are sending encodes to EC2-Wowza, which generates HLS and HDS streams for distribution by a CDN. Playback via JW5.8. We have achieved good success in general, but with occasional errors in the HDS stream coming from the CDN, but not from the stream we monitored directly off the Wowza instance.

Our goal is to double check our EC2 configuration and help troubleshoot these occasional errors.

We can provide access to the EC2 instance. Any settings would need to be changed by us for documentation purposes. We can also provide error codes we are seeing.

We have a budget of $450. This job would need to conclude on or before July 29.

Thank you!

Contact me to I can help you out with that