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Example module on Wowza IDE doesn't work

I’m trying to run a module that is created automatically in Wowza Streaming Engine Project and when I include it in the xml file of the application, the stream on OBS is constantly loading and I don’t see any logs.

I don’t know how to fix it in wowza IDE and I don’t know where is the problem

Sorry you’re having issues, but we can’t possibly debug this in the forums- reason is we’d need more info on the module and require full access to your configuration and logs.

If you do not see logs, does that mean you don’t know where to access the logs or you do not see anything in the logs pointing to the cause of the issue?

All I can do is try to provide you with Wowza IDE documentation, but to diagnose we need the ticket. Please submit one here so we can investigate and assist you with this. Thanks.

Can you elaborate your issue a little more ?

earlier I gave my class and package name in eclipse and it is possible that I gave it wrong in application.xml, as I named everything the same as in the documentation, it worked :slight_smile:


Hey alright, that’s great news!