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Example use PHP ?

Hello i have a website in Laravel PHP, i want in my admin app create wowza stream and then get my streams but i don t understand how do that ? i load the library wse-rest-library-php with composer but i don t know what do with the library.

Someone can explain me how use it.


Hello James,

Please check out the following article for some examples:

Hope this helps,


Thanks Alex for your answer but i have already see that but i dont understand in normal time i use Curl or Guzzle and i want use REST with api key

For example i want create a live stream i see in docs setup

define("BASE_DIR", dirname(dirname(__FILE__)));
define("WOWZA_SERVER_INSTANCE", "_defaultServer_");
define("WOWZA_VHOST_INSTANCE", "_defaultVHost_");
define("WOWZA_USERNAME", "admin");
define("WOWZA_PASSWORD", "admin");

$sf = new com\wowza\Publisher("myUser");
$response = $sf->create("myPassword");

But where i put api key according this

I need
and livestream content

So i don t see…

Can you give me a full working example for create a simple livestream plz after that it s ok but want to see full example

Thanks you

Someone can answer plz ?