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Experience and recommendations with EC2 and HDS/HLS with cloudfront

Hi to all,

We have in our hands a project to publish a stream that the customer will push to one Wowza server con Amazon EC2.

Our experience doing stream with Cloudfront and MPEG-DASH and Adobe HDS it´s very limited.

The solution to deliver content via Cloudfront can be great with the powerfull of the CDN and the possibility of scale with out deploy many wowza servers.

We tested this solution with CloudFormation ( it self deplay the wowza server and CloudFront bucket ) and we found delays since we start to push the stream and start to play the stream with the player or IOS product.

Someone test and deploy on production Cloudfront? What recommendations see to better performace with Cloudfront?



To reduce delay when playing streams using HTTP protocol you will need to edit the chunk duration which will then reduce the delay you’re seeing during playback.

Please find the required articles below for editing the packetization.

How to configure Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming packetization (sanjosestreaming)

How to configure Apple HTTP Live Streaming packetization (cupertinostreaming)

How to configure Microsoft Smooth Streaming packetization (smoothstreaming)

How to configure MPEG-DASH packetization (mpegdashstreaming)

For further information on CloudFront and integration please see the articles below.

How to integrate your Wowza EC2 instance with CloudFront

Frequently asked questions (CloudFront)



Many thanks Jason,

Last day we tested all configuration, Wowza EC2 instanced linked to Cloudfront stream and works fine.

We put your tips about editing the packetization to optimize the performance.

We planned to deploy two c3.4xlarge instance, one to push the live stream to Cloundfront vía HLS/HDS and another instance to publish the same stream via rtsp to Android devices

Best Regards!