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Exploring External Transcoding Options to Offload CPU Load from My Wowza Server

Hello Wowza Community,

I’ve been using Wowza Streaming Engine to provide live video streaming services to my clients for some time now. It’s been serving me well, but recently, I’ve faced a challenge. An increasing number of my clients want the transcoding feature activated for their channels. As many of you might know, this can significantly increase the CPU load on the server.

To address this issue, I’m considering offloading the transcoding process to an external service or CDN. The idea is to have my clients send their signal (either via RTMP or SRT) to this external service, which will handle the transcoding. Following the transcoding, the signal would then be pushed or targeted back to my Wowza server, which would then handle the distribution to the end users. In theory, this would help in liberating resources on the Wowza server as it wouldn’t be handling the CPU-intensive transcoding.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has tried a similar setup or has suggestions